Leveraging 50 years of experience, we built an app to streamline our internal project management processes from inception through close-out. It worked. Now we want to share it.


Meadows Workflow™ was specifically developed for use by project managers, service technicians, and sales representatives while in the field, and their support team back in the office. Its integrated CRM and cloud storage platform make it an essential tool for anyone charged with contributing to the timely and successful completion of a project, regardless of their role. Projects stay on track, delays are minimized, and delivery and installation is seamless. In the end, project closeout and final payments are expedited thanks to detailed documentation and transparency.


From Meadows Workflow™, team members can:
  • Access project documentation from anywhere, including install sets, floorplans, and site photos.
  • Create user notes and checklists that are directly linked to the project.
  • Record important job specifics, including onsite measurements and jobsite conditions.
  • View, create and manage a project’s critical path.
  • Create and assign project tasks and monitor completion status in real time.
  • Capture photos and video and save them to the project record.
  • Create change orders and get on-site signoffs.
  • Populate and complete punch list items.
  • Facilitate Day 2 sales opportunities.
  • Provide end-to-end client visibility.


Meadows Workflow™ keeps team members continually connected, no matter their location, increasing visibility and collaboration. Documentation and changes are made in real-time, and all activity is synchronized automatically to a secure cloud-based CRM. The app offers permission-based access for team members. Once logged in, the application automatically populates the projects linked to each user within the CRM, leveraging standardized naming conventions, workflows, and folder structures to promote consistent project management methodologies.